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Popular hot pot dish from Japan consisting of thinly sliced meat and bite-sized vegetables cooked in steaming hot broth. Shabu Shabu means "swish swish"....

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bone broth, soup -

Beef bone broth-We discovered the deliciousness of broths during our travels to the east.  The Meatcart is sharing its beef broth recipe. It is simple and can be made in large batches to freeze. Pop them out of the freezer and enjoy a delicious meal in 15 mins.

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brisket, smoked brisket -

When we started smoking our products, brisket was the first meat cut I started with. I read, consulted and made lots of mistakes. Smoking meat is not about the recipe, it is more about the process. Each cut of meat is different and I always adapt my smoking technique with factors such as the fat/moisture content and the climate outside (yes, that does make a difference too). The Meatcart slices its smoked brisket and vacuum seals it. We recommend defrosting thoroughly before use and I always like to re-ignite the buttery flavors of a smoked brisket by warming it up in the...

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