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Smoked brisket for breakfast, lunch and supper

When we started smoking our products, brisket was the first meat cut I started with. I read, consulted and made lots of mistakes. Smoking meat is not about the recipe, it is more about the process. Each cut of meat is different and I always adapt my smoking technique with factors such as the fat/moisture content and the climate outside (yes, that does make a difference too). The Meatcart slices its smoked brisket and vacuum seals it. We recommend defrosting thoroughly before use and I always like to re-ignite the buttery flavors of a smoked brisket by warming it up in the pan.

 Our customers delighted us over the last months with the novel ways in which they were using our smoked brisket. Below are the 3 ways in which you can use The Meatcart smoked brisket. 


For breakfast

Lightly fry your sliced brisket and serve with your scrambled or poached eggs for a hearty breakfast. The sliced brisket works well in lieu of macon or sausages. 

For lunch 

Try a smoked brisket sandwich on sour dough bread. Add mayo, gherkins, melted cheese and top with some rocket.

For supper

Ever tried a pulled brisket burger? Let us know and we can pull the brisket instead of slicing it for you. I like to serve it with pickled red onions and a red slaw.